year 2011/12

Polish carol and Christmas whishes

"From the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean"

Project with France and Greece

Aims of the project are: to improve students language skills and IT skills, to develop cooperation skills, to enrich the knowledge about the partner country's culture and everyday life of teenagers, to build understanding and tolerance towards different cultures. Every month students will work on one topic, such as school, hometown, friendship etc. They will prepare slideshows, write e-mails, send postcards, prepare leaflets, chat and make short videos. All the materials will be published at

Our first chat

The eTwinning project aims to encourage European schools to collaborate using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The project was born under the European Union's e-Learning programme and is now part of the Lifelong Learning Programme. See the EU education website for more information: The main concept behind eTwinning is that schools are paired with another school elsewhere in the Europe. The two schools then communicate using the Internet (for example, by e-mail or video conferencing) to collaborate, share and learn from each other. eTwinning encourages and develops ICT skills as the main activities inherently use information technology. Being 'twinned' with a foreign school also encourages cross-cultural exchanges of knowledge, fosters students' intercultural awareness, and improves their communication skills. eTwinning projects last for any length of time ranging from only a week, to months, up to creating permanent relationships between schools. Schools (both primary and secondary) within the European Union member states, including Norway, Iceland and Bulgaria, can participate in the eTwinning project. European schoolnet has been granted the role of Central Support Service (CSS) at European level. eTwinning is also supported by a network of National Support Services (NSS). (from

Our school joined eTwinning in 2007 and has taken part in three projects so far. The projects are presented below. o First project 2007/2008 a partnership with a Greek school from Palaio Fairo

GREECE-POLAND: SO FAR YET SO CLOSE (certificate) In this project we wanted to collect information, photos and material about ourselves, our schools and our cities. The pupils talked about themselves, their everyday and school lives and described their cities. They compared and contrasted and talked about environmental changes in their city. Aims were: To share information about different educational systems; to talk about differences in lifestyle and learn about daily life in other partner countries; to compare and contrast their cities; to become aware of the environmental changes in their cities; to protect the environment. (Our projects)

Second project 2008/2009 a partnership with schools from Czech, Romania and Poland. TEENAGER'S UNIVERSE certificate

In this project we wanted to create a web magazine, prepare CDs and PowerPoint presentations, collect information, photos and material about ourselves, our schools and our cities. The pupils talked about their everyday and school lives and described their interests, culture and traditions. They compared and contrasted the ideas and beliefs they share. The aims of the project were: developing mutual respect, through increasing the awareness of the value of cultural differences; - affecting social and cultural integration of the pupils by engaging them in close relationships with students from different territories and realities; engaging in the cooperation with the students from other countries; -enabling students to acquire and master vital skills needed for communication and understanding of foreign languages; practicing using all kinds of information technology tools; developing the ability to observe, compare, integrate and report to others; engaging students in an active search, analysis and comparison of customs and traditions of the countries participating in the project. (Our e-twinning document)

Third project 2009/2010 a partnership with schools from Romania, Bulgaria, France, Turkey and Poland :) FRIENDLY POSTcertificate

In this project we would like to establish a close connection between students. They would get to know their peers from other countries, share their hopes and dreams, ideas and inspirations, but also learn about the traditions and culture. This type of cooperation will help students to not only polish their language skills and form friendships, but also broaden their knowledge of other countries and their culture. Students establish a close connections with their peers from other countries and polish their language skills. They learn about culture, history and traditions of other countries. Apart from that, each parcel will include a "culture box": items connected with traditions or popular culture, students interests etc. and a set of tasks or questions, which also be posted on eTwinning blog. Students will have to find the answers or complete the tasks and publish them on the blog before the next parcel is sent. Students are motivated to study foreign languages and use the IT devices. By learning about other countries they become more aware, tolerant and open. (